The website www.cruisessamothraki.com providing its services via Internet (hereinafter also for the sake of brevity: online store or website), created and operated exclusively by the registered business name  SAMOTHRAKICRUISES IKE.

Address: Konstantinoupoleos 225 Orestiada 68200

Vat ID: 801489882

From now on, for reasons of brevity, that company will be called ‘the company’.

For any enquires regarding orders, any clarifications or for submitting complaints, you can contact us by phone: 0030 693 265 8222 or by email: info@cruisessamothraki.com.


www.cruisessamothraki.com Commitment To Your Privacy

cruisessamothraki.com will ensure that all information protection and customer legislation standards are met when handling your personal information.

cruisessamothraki.com respects your privacy and your desire to know how your information will be handled and used. This Policy explains how we collect, use and store your information. Using your information in a way that you are comfortable with and keeping your information secure is an integral part of the experience we aim to provide. 
  The processing of personal data is done in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation of Personal Data Protection (GKPD 2016/679), the current Greek legislation fo
r the protection of personal data and privacy in the field of electronic communication (Law 3471/2006) and the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority.
  cruisessamothraki.com informs you, pursuant to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the relevant GREEK
legislation  in force with regard to the protection of personal data, in its capacity as controller, that it processes your personal data, collected either with the submission of an application for the provision of a product or a service, or at a later time, or in the framework of relations and transactions with cruisessamothraki.com

cruisessamothraki.com does not distribute to any organization, company or partner that is not connected to it the email addresses or any other information concerning its users and customers. Strictly and only to its direct partners, cruisessamothraki.com can give such information, during the order service process.

I. Personal Data we collect

We may collect the following information: 

II. Use and Recipients of your Personal Data 

The recipients of your personal data may indicatively be the following:

Where required by applicable law you can obtain a list of the providers possessing your personal data.
  Your personal data will be used:

III.Sources of Personal Data

We may collect personal information through: 

On those areas of the Website that require registration, we may collect information to create your account, as well as to determine specific content, products, and services that may be of particular interest to you. By collecting and maintaining accurate information, we are able to offer you added value personalized services and products.

IV. Your rights regarding your Personal Data

Right to access – you have the right to access your personal data we hold. 
  Right to rectification – you have the right to request rectification of your Personal Data if they are incorrect and supplement your incomplete Personal Data.
  Right to erasure –
you have the right to erase any Personal Data processed by us at any time, to the extent they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which we need to keep processing them as per the current policy, or we are no longer legally permitted to process them. 
  Right to restriction of processing – you gave the right to ask us to restrict the process of your Personal data if one of the following applies:

Right to file a claim – you have the right to submit an application to the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, 1-3 Kifissias Ave.-PC 115 23
  call center: 0030 210 6475600 – fax: 0030 210 6475628 – website: www.dpa.gr
  e-mail: contact@dpa.gr, for
complaints: complaints@dpa.gr, for cases of violations: databreach@dpa.gr


At any point that you interact with us, you may be given the opportunity to opt-in to receive cruisessamothraki.com marketing communications. www.cruisessamothraki.com will only send you marketing communications where you have consented to receive them and using your preferred channels of communication. To ensure that you are still happy to hear from us, if you have not updated your marketing preferences in two years, we will contact you to remind you that you can opt-out of receiving marketing communications at any time:


In order to deliver the best possible customer experience, cruisessamothraki.com a variety of Personal Shopping services that may involve you sharing additional personal information about yourself with cruisessamothraki.com experts so that we can tailor your shopping experience to provide you with recommendations of products and services that may be relevant to your lifestyle and preferences.
  We understand that as part of this, you may share with us sensitive information about your personal circumstances or events, annive
rsaries and holidays that are important to you. cruisessamothraki.com will always ensure that we have your consent to use this sensitive information as part of the Personal Shopping service.
  You can discuss these arrangements and change them at any time by speaki
ng to www.cruisessamothraki.com Personal Shopping team directly. 


When you visit  www.cruisessamothraki.com, we collect information about your device to ensure we can continue to drive innovation and improve usability to benefit your online shopping experience. Information can be collected through your IP address or through cookies placed on your device. Some cookies are needed for the proper functioning of the website. For more information about how cruisessamothraki.com uses cookies, please refer to our Cookie Policy.
  When you make a purchase on www.cruisessamothraki.com, we will collect info
rmation about you to ensure we can fulfill your order or chosen service (including your name, contact details, and delivery address). You will be offered the opportunity to use our guest checkout path or to create an online account on our website. In order to register an online account, we will ask you for your name and contact details. You will also be asked to create a password. Once you have created an account, this will serve as a platform to update your marketing preferences and for receiving marketing promotional material.


When you participate in cruisessamothraki.com competition or sign up to attend one of our events, either through www.cruisessamothraki.com , or indirectly through a third party, we will collect information about you. This information will be used to administer competitions and manage events, including securing your registration at an event, and selecting and contacting prize winners. If you provide the personal information of another customer for one of our events, we will assume you have their consent.


Where provided by law, you, your representatives or your proxies have the right to access review and request a physical or electronic copy of the information held about you. You also have the right to request information on the source of your Personal Data

You can also unsubscribe from individual email marketing communications via the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each of our email newsletters.
  It can take up some time up to one month for your preferences to be registered on our system, so you may sti
ll receive communications from us during this period.
  Should you wish to know more about what information we hold about you including making changes to, or requesting the deletion of, information that we hold about you, you are also entitled by law to mak
e a Data Subject Request. You can make such a request by emailing us at info@cruisessamothraki.com . Please note that we may need to exclude certain information as part of your request, e.g., in order to protect the privacy of other individuals or if we are permitted to exclude the information for legal or other reasons. 


We make sure that we have information security measures in place to keep your information secure. Where we ask third parties to work on our behalf, before sharing information we always make sure that they have sufficient information security measures in place.
  We will not share your information with any third parties who might wish to market their goods and services to you unless you have provided your consent. 
  cruisessamothraki.com does not routinely share information outside of the European Economic Area (EEA)
. If it is necessary, we will only do so with the relevant protection in line with data protection legislation requirements.

HOW LONG WILL cruisessamothraki.com KEEP MY INFORMATION?

cruisessamothraki.com is committed to keeping your personal information only for so long as is necessary or where we have a legitimate interest to continue doing so. Where cruisessamothraki.com no longer requires information to be in a format where you can be identified personally, e.g., where we keep information for analytical and research purposes or transaction information, we will remove any personal details about you. 
  If you have registered for an account on www.cruisessamothraki.com then we will continue to retain your per
sonal information in order to maintain your account.
  If you have not registered for an account on www.cruisessamothraki.com, but you have signed up to receive cruisessamothraki.com΄s newsletters and marketing notifications, then cruisessamothraki.com will only retain your inform
ation for as long as we have your consent to send you marketing material.
  In case you shop online with cruisessamothraki.com but you pay as a visitor to our physical store, we will only retain your personal details for a reasonable period of time after you have c
ompleted the transaction in order to fulfill any contractual obligations such as refunds and guarantees (unless you also receive www.cruisessamothraki.com  marketing communications, in which case we will add this order information to your customer record).
note that if you have registered for an account www.cruisessamothraki.com, but choose to use our guest checkout path, we will add the guest checkout purchase to your customer record internally automatically. It will not be visible on your order history page as that will only show orders through the registered user procedure.


We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, so please review it on a regular basis. Any changes made to this Privacy Policy will be posted here. The date stamp at the top of the page represents the last day this Privacy Policy was updated. By maintaining an Account with us, or by using or accessing any services provided by us or the Website, you will be deemed to have agreed to and accepted this Privacy Policy.


Encryption & Security: We use a variety of technical, administrative, and organizational security measures, including encryption and authentication tools in certain circumstances, to maintain the safety of your personal data. 

Despite our efforts, no website, mobile application, database or system is completely secure or “hacker proof.” You can help keep your data safe by taking reasonable steps to protect your personal information against unauthorised disclosure or misuse. 


Cookies and Pixel Tags 

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user’s computer for record-keeping purposes. cruisessamothraki.com collects information, which may include personal data, from your browser when you use our Site.
  There are four main types of cookies – here’s how
and why we use them.

By using our site, you agree to us placing these sorts of cookies on your device and accessing them when you visit the site in the future. If you want to delete any cookies that are already on your computer, the “help” section in your browser should provide instructions on how to locate the file or directory that stores cookies. 

How Can I Manage My Cookies?

If you do not want to accept cookies from www.cruisessamothraki.com, you can change your browser settings so that cookies are not accepted. If you choose to do this, please be aware www.cruisessamothraki.com may no longer function as intended.
  For further information about cookies and how to disable them, please go to the Information Commissioner’s webpage on cookies: call center: 0030 210 6475600 – fax: 0030 210 6475628 – website: www.dpa.gr
  e-mail: contac
t@dpa.gr, for complaints: complaints@dpa.gr, for cases of violations: databreach@dpa.gr

All popular browsers (e.g., Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari) allow you to amend your cookie settings so that cookies are no longer enabled across all websites that you visit. You can find information explaining how to disable cookies for the main browsers in the ‘Where to find information about controlling cookies’ section at the Information Commissions website www.dpa.gr
  Similarly, you can adjust your advertising preferences on your mobile device at the device level.  For example, to adjust
your advertising preferences in iOS, visit Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking. To adjust your advertising preferences in Android, visit Settings > Google > Ads > Opt out of interest-based ads.  

No Information Collected from Children

No part of the Website is designed to attract anyone under the age of 18. Children are not eligible to use any services provided by us, and we ask that children under the age of 18 not submit any personal information to us or visit the Website. If you are under the age of 18 or otherwise not of legal age to form a binding contract in your place of residence, you must have your parent or legal guardian’s permission to use the Website.


Based upon the personally identifiable information that you provide to us, we may send you a welcome e-mail. We will also communicate with you in response to your inquiries, to provide any services you request, to provide newsletters or other updates that you request and to manage your Account. In addition, when you register an Account with us, you may choose to consent to our contacting you by e-mail and to receiving our e-mail subscriptions, editorial e-mails and advertorial e-mails (see below) from us. If at any time, you no longer want us to contact you by e-mail and/or receive our e-mail subscriptions, editorial e-mails, and advertorial e-mails, you may opt out of these functions by changing the preferences in your Account. You can contact customer service by e-mail, telephone or postal mail at the contact information listed below to assist you with any such changes to your Account.
  If you have an Account with us, then from time to time, and in addition to e-mails or e-mail subscriptions sent by us, we
may send you e-mails that contain advertising or other content sponsored by third-party retailers or businesses (“advertorial e-mails”). These advertorial e-mails are clearly marked as such in the subject line and a note at the top of the article itself.
We send advertorial e-mails on behalf of the third party sponsors. We do not share your personally identifiable information with such sponsors, except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, but we may sell or share aggregate, non-personal information with such sponsors for any legally permissible purpose.

Manage Accurate Information

If your personally identifiable information changes, or if you no longer choose to use our services or the Website, you can contact customer service by e-mail, telephone or postal mail at the contact information listed below to assist you with changes to your Account. To the extent your Account closes or becomes inactive, we will continue to protect your information as described in this Privacy Policy.

International Users

www.cruisessamothraki.com is based and offices headquartered in Greece , with our servers in Germany. Please be aware that information you provide to us or that we obtain as a result of your use of www.cruisessamothraki.com, an Account, or any services provided by us may be processed and transferred to, and be subject to the laws of Greece. If our cookies or other software detects IP addresses located in a country outside Greece, we reserve the right to deny access to any and all of our services.

Business Transitions

In the event that we go through a business transition, such as a merger, acquisition or sale of our assets, your personal information will likely be among the assets transferred. You will be notified of any such change in ownership or control of your personal information. We may transfer your information as an asset in connection with a proposed or actual merger or sale (including any transfers made as part of an insolvency or bankruptcy proceeding) involving all or part of our business or as part of a corporate reorganisation, stock sale or other change in control. 
  We may also use and disclose your information to parties connected with the contemplated or actual financing, insuring, sale, assignment or other disposal of all or part of our business or asse
ts, including for the purposes of determining whether to proceed or continue with such transaction or business relationship or fulfilling any records or other reporting requirements to such parties. 
  Other than to the extent use and disclosure is pursuant
to a court order, we will require such parties and successors in interest to treat your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and to use and disclose it only for the purposes for which it was collected.